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Adds a button which allows you to share post and also shows the number of times the post or page has been shared through out the Facebook just like tw

The Facebook Share (new) button easily allows your blog to be shared. The button also provides a current count of how many times your story has been shared throughout Facebook.

Facebook has just released this new share button and you might have seen this on http://Mashable.com as they were one of the lucky Beta testers of Facebook share.

Tested upto 3.1.3

  • New - Facebook Share button which shows the number of times your post has been shared on Facebook. Integrates the ability to share your post with one click.
  • Position it Before, After, Before/After on post or page.
  • Use custom CSS on the button code.
  • Ability to choose whether to display on post and/or pages.
  • Ability to choose whether or not to SHOW COUNT.
  • Works well with New Google+1 and Tweetmeme Button.
  • Support for Facebook Share API & Open Graph API.
  • AUTOMATIC: Position it Before, After, Before/After on post or page. Also, works with your RSS feeds.

  • SHORT CODE:You can also place the shortcode [fbshare] anywhere in your post or page. It will automatically render with the post or page. [Does not require access to the code. Just place while writing post or page]

  • MANUAL: Manually position it anywhere in the code. if (function_exists('fbshare_manual')) echo fbshare_manual(); [Good for developers]

  • Track Share Counts, Like Counts, Comment Counts and Click Counts.
  • Track people who liked your post from within the Facebook account.
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Download Version 2.0.6

Requires WordPress Version: 2.7.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.1.4
Last Updated: 2011-6-8 Downloads: 100,586

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